Women in Tax on International Women’s Day

Just over half of the Irish Tax Institute’s members are women. To mark International Women’s Day, we spoke to a cross-section of women in tax. They reflected on their working lives and their experiences working in tax. We also got insight from Paul Vance, Head of Resourcing at KPMG, to see if the pipeline and working environment allow for women to succeed.

In the first of three videos, we look at the contributions women have made to the tax profession. From compassion to attention to detail, women bring a lot to the table.

One thing that women are very good at is attention to detail. I think we are very detail oriented and tax is a very technical subject,” Helen O’Sullivan, CEO AXIS Specialty Europe SE and AXIS Re SE


(Having difficulty seeing the video? Watch it on YouTube here.)

In the second instalment, we look at the pandemic’s effect on the working lives of women in tax. A common theme is the flexibility of working that the pandemic has tried, tested and proven can work.

My expectation is we will see more females coming through, because they’ll see the advantage of being able to use this opportunity to restructure their career and continue to do something that maybe they wouldn’t have thought about doing in the past. So I see that being a real work life balance positive that’s come out of this whole pandemic,” Paul Vance, Head of Resourcing, KPMG.


(Having difficulty seeing the video? Watch it on YouTube here.)

For our last video, we asked how the working environment has changed over the course of their career.

To begin with, there are a lot more of us. There were often cases in my  career where I was the only woman in the room and that can happen from time to time now, but it’s the exception rather than the rule,” Karen Frawley, Tax Partner, Deloitte


(Having difficulty seeing the video? Watch it on YouTube here.)

Thanks to Irish Tax Institute President, Sandra Clarke, Karen Frawley, Deloitte, Joanne O’Sullivan, EY, Susan Roche, PwC, KPMG’s Paul Vance, Helen O’Sullivan, AXIS Specialty Europe and Caroline Austin, Matheson. They all generously contributed to our International Women’s Day celebration providing great insight into women in the world of tax.