Diploma in Tax (Online) – Commencing Shortly

Registration is still open for our online Diploma in Tax course which will be commencing shortly. This course will be a blend of recorded online lectures, webinars, and a student discussion forum. Our team of coordinators will guide you through your studies and will support you throughout the programme. The world of finance is evolving apace to meet the changing needs of businesses. The ability to interact with other teams, […]

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Employees: New Developments in Revenue’s PAYE Services

This bulletin covers the new employee-focused developments on Revenue’s myAccount service. PAYE taxpayers can now access details of their total pay and statutory deductions for 2019 and view Revenue’s preliminary calculation of their tax position for the year. We explain below some of the new terminology and documentation, address basic questions employees may have on these developments and include some relevant screenshots from myAccount. Terminology and Documentation – What you […]

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