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Tax Debt Warehousing and Interest Suspension Arrangements

On 7 May 2020, Revenue issued a press release with updated information on the suspension of interest and further details on the tax debt warehousing arrangement that was announced by the Government on 2 May. Interest Suspension The charging of interest on late payments is suspended automatically for SMEs with annual turnover of less than €3 million (i.e. businesses which are managed by Revenue’s Business Division) for: May and June […]

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Employees: New Developments in Revenue’s PAYE Services

This bulletin covers the new employee-focused developments on Revenue’s myAccount service. PAYE taxpayers can now access details of their total pay and statutory deductions for 2019 and view Revenue’s preliminary calculation of their tax position for the year. We explain below some of the new terminology and documentation, address basic questions employees may have on these developments and include some relevant screenshots from myAccount. Terminology and Documentation – What you […]

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Election 2020 Tax Briefing Papers

Our assessment of the tax system as the voters prepare to elect a new government in Election 2020. Download our Briefing Paper for the Political Parties here.

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Institute address to the National Economic Dialogue

Address to the National Economic Dialogue Anne Gunnell, Director of Tax Policy & Representations, Irish Tax Institute Wednesday 26th June 2019 The Institute’s Director of Tax Policy and Representations, Anne Gunnell addressed the National Economic Dialogue and spoke on the need to develop tax policies to incentivise investment and innovation in our indigenous companies. Below is her statement: Thank you Chairman We believe the cornerstone on which our economy was built […]

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Response to Research and Development tax credit review 2019

The Institute recently issued a response to the public consultation recommendations on the R&D tax credit. You can read the full response here. Institute recommendations on the R&D tax credit A pre-approval process for first-time R&D tax credit claims by small/micro companies should be introduced to bring much needed certainty for taxpayers. While some of these companies, in receipt of IDA/Enterprise Ireland R&D grants, may qualify for Revenue’s simplified validation […]

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Pre-Budget 2020 Submission

Just as tax policy played a major role in attracting large multinationals to Ireland, it can be used to incentivise the step change in productivity and innovation we now need from our indigenous companies. The Institute’s Pre-Budget 2020 Submission sets out a number of proposals relating to CGT entrepreneur relief, the Employment and Investment Incentive (EII), the Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) and the R&D tax credit which are needed […]

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