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Legislation Available Now – Finance (No. 2) Act 2023

Finance (No. 2) Act 2023 Tax Legislation – Available Now Print, eBook and on TaxFind Ensure you and your team have Ireland’s leading up-to-date legislation. Key features of our consolidated legislation include: detailed footnotes, including relevant case law, TAC determinations, Revenue guidance and Irish Tax Review articles section cross-references for ease of navigation latest Finance Act changes highlighted in bold, annotated and tracked in footnotes with commencement dates

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Debt Warehousing Scheme – Get ready for 1 May 2024

On 5 February 2024, the Minister for Finance announced that the interest rate applying to tax debt in the Debt Warehousing Scheme, which was introduced in May 2020, is reduced to 0%. Revenue subsequently confirmed that it would adopt a flexible approach to payment of the debt, having regard to the circumstances of a business. To avail of the 0% interest rate, businesses need to engage Revenue by 1 May […]

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Pre-Budget 2024 Submission

The Institute submitted its Pre-Budget 2024 Submission to the Minister for Finance, Michael McGrath T.D., on 30 June. In the submission, we highlight the changes the Government must make to the tax system to strengthen the resilience of the economy. While retaining and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) will continue to be key part of a balanced and sustainable growth strategy, building productivity and innovation in the indigenous sector must […]

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Government announces latest cost-of-living package

In a press release today, the Government announced the latest cost-of-living package worth €1.2 billion, of which, €470 million will be allocated to social welfare measures, following approval by Cabinet. We outline below the main measures announced by the Government today. Extension to the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme The Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) will be extended past its current end date of 28 February to 31 May […]

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Tax Talk Ep 13: Tax and Politics

The relationship between tax and politics can be tricky for governments which we saw last September. The 550 page Foundations for the Future Report, published by the Commission on Taxation and Welfare, caused quite a stir with its far-reaching recommendations on inheritance taxes and other capital taxes proving particularly controversial. Now that the dust has settled, we ask what are the prospects for reform of our tax system and is […]

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Tax Talk Episode 10: The R&D Tax Credit

As the Department of Finance continues its review of the R&D Tax Credit, the Institute hosted a podcast to explore how this critical part of our corporation tax offering could be made more effective in building innovation and productivity in our economy. Our Tax Talk host, Samantha McCaughren was joined by Institute Council member, Ian Collins, Tax Partner and Head of Innovation with EY and highly respected tech investor, Elaine […]

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