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TaxFind is a unique one-stop-shop for tax research, offering fully-searchable access to the following domestic and international tax content and guidance


Essential reference – over 10,000 pages of current Irish tax legislation and optional archive since 2009 with legislation comparison tool


Current editions of Institute publications with an optional archive since 2009

Seminar Papers

Technical papers from the Institute's Seminar & Conference programme since 1981

Irish Tax Review

Articles since 1990 of the leading journal on tax

Bulletins & Submissions

Submissions, reports and bulletins issued by the Institute's Tax Policy & Representations team including weekly TaxFax

Revenue Guidance

Content from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners updated weekly

Tax Cases & Appeals

Over 2,000 judgments from Irish, UK and European courts. Determinations from the Tax Appeals Commission are also included. All fully searchable

Student Manuals

Student Manuals for the Institute's CTA programme. Available to TaxFind subscribers as an additional add-on

Optional Add-ons

  • Archive - Previous editions of Legislation, Commentary texts and a Legislation Comparison Tool – section-by-section comparison of legislation changes since 2009

  • HMRC Operational Manuals - over 65,000 pages updated weekly

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