Tax Talk Episode 7: Budget 2022

Budget 2022 came days after the Government announced its decision to sign up to the OECD Agreement on a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. It is too early to gauge the economic impact of this momentous decision, but the move to a global minimum rate raises questions about the future direction of our industrial policy.

The economic outlook set out by the Minister for Finance in his Budget speech suggests a strong recovery is underway. Will Budget 2022 support that recovery and what strategies should the government adopt to meet the increased demand for public services while adjusting our economic model to meet the challenges of the emerging new order in international tax?

To discuss these questions, our Tax Talk host, Samantha McCaughren is joined by Institute President, Karen Frawley; Stephen Gahan of ODG Advisory; and Austin Hughes, Chief Economist at KBC Bank. Listen to the discussion below or on popular podcast apps, including Spotify , Apple and Soundcloud.