Pre-Budget 2023 Submission

Today, the Institute submitted its Pre-Budget 2023 Submission to the Government. The overall theme of the submission is enhancing Ireland’s competitiveness through tax policy levers.

In the submission, we make the case for the Government, in the current changed global economic, monetary, and fiscal environment, to:

  • have a relentless focus on competitiveness in all areas of the economy including Ireland’s corporate and personal tax systems;
  • simplify the corporation tax code to make it more efficient and easier to administer;
  • deploy effective tax measures to promote innovation, incentivise investment and build capacity in the Irish SME sector, to broaden the productive base and make the economy more sustainable and resilient against external shocks;
  • provide certainty to investors in the property market and consider the longer-term impact of interventions in the market; and
  • develop a formal stakeholder engagement process on proposed tax policy and legislative changes to ensure they are effective and to guard against unintended consequences.

Read our full Pre-Budget 2023 Submission here.