Current Issues at TALC

Read about our representations at TALC on important issues for members

PAYE Modernisation

The Institute has continued to engage with Revenue on PAYE modernisation since the roll out of the real-time reporting regime from January 2019. In our representations work, we outline the practical issues for employers and agents operating the new regime and ways to reduce the administration burden for the very smallest businesses. We keep members abreast of the latest developments via the website, TaxFax, the Irish Tax Review, member bulletins and videos.

Revenue Services and Supports

Revenue’s customer service supports are critical in helping businesses to comply with their tax obligations in a cost-effective manner. At TALC we regularly discuss members’ feedback and suggestions on a range of Revenue services, including the Revenue telephone service, MyEnquiries, tax refunds and VAT registrations. We also discuss the latest developments on ROS. The minutes of the TALC Collections sub-committee can provide you with more details on our discussions with Revenue.

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TALC BEPS Implementation

At the TALC BEPS Implementation Sub-committee, we discuss with Revenue the administrative aspects of implementing the BEPS Action Plan. Recent meetings of the TALC BEPS Implementation Sub-committee have focused on the implantation of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD), including Controlled Foreign Company rules and anti-hybrid rules; Country by Country Reporting and the Multilateral Instrument. You can find out more about the matters under discussion from the minutes of the TALC BEPS Implementation Sub-committee meetings.

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Audits and Interventions

Revenue’s approach to compliance interventions is continually evolving. At TALC Audit, we are currently discussing Revenue’s new approaches to compliance including; new projects, Revenue’s realigned structure, the use of data analytics and members’ experiences of Revenue’s new approaches to checking tax compliance. The minutes of the TALC Audit Sub-committee meetings can provide you with more information on matters currently being discussed.

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