The Branch Network

The Branch Network provides Institute members with a forum to engage directly with Revenue on tax administration issues

The Branch Network was established in 2003 and is unique to the Institute. It provides a forum for Institute members to interact with their local Revenue counterparts to discuss and resolve any issues arising in their day-to day interactions with Revenue and to hear about the latest developments in Revenue’s activities.

The Branch Network

The Institute’s Branch Network mirrors Revenue’s operational structure, and engages with Revenue’s six operational divisions; Personal Division, Business Division, Medium Enterprises Division, Large Corporates Division, Large Cases – High Wealth Individuals Division and the Collector-General’s Division. The aim of the Branch Network is to ensure Institute members:

  • are kept informed on important tax administration issues

  • are made aware of pressure points that may arise in Revenue service delivery

  • have a channel of communication with Revenue on tax administration issues

  • can network with other Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA)

Each Branch is chaired by an experienced Institute member. Institute Branch representatives meet with senior personnel in Revenue on behalf of the members to discuss common issues. In addition, meetings with senior Revenue officials are held annually to discuss tax administration issues and developments.

Over 500 members joined our online ITI/Revenue Branch Network Online Event on Wednesday 2 September 2020, to hear topical updates from Revenue’s Personal, Business, Medium Enterprises and the Collector General’s Divisions and a panel discussion based on the questions members had submitted in advance of the event. The presentation covered a wide range of topical issues including completing the 2019 Form 11,  plans for the PAYE End of Year Review, the TWSS reconciliation exercise and the July Jobs Stimulus measures - including EWSS, accelerated loss relief, the Stay and Spend Tax Credit, debt warehousing, Phased Payment Arrangements (PPA), and obtaining tax clearance.

The presentation slides from this event are now available here

During the event, Revenue advised that they would be communicating with taxpayers who according to Revenue records, have tax liabilities that do not qualify for the debt warehousing arrangement for certain COVID-19 tax debts. The letters note the opportunity to include such debts in a PPA before 30 September to qualify for a 3% interest rate on outstanding liabilities and the steps to take to avail of this arrangement.  Copies of these communications are available below:

Read the ROS Notification

Read the mailshot to taxpayers 

A forum for your issues
The Branch provides a forum for members to engage with each other and with Revenue

Branch benefits
Members can obtain a range of benefits from participating in the Branch

Revenue’s National Divisions
Revenue reorganised its operational structure in November 2018