ROS Offline/Online CT1 issues

At a TALC meeting last week, the Institute raised some issues members were experiencing when trying to access and upload ROS CT1s. It had been expected that the issues arising would have been resolved by a Revenue IT release over the weekend of 3 September. However, members had reported continuing issues with ROS Offline CT1s that were in draft at 16 August, when Revenue performed an IT update on ROS. Revenue’s ROS and ICT personnel have been working to resolve the difficulties experienced.

Revenue has confirmed that ROS CT1 submitted before 16 August 2022 have been fixed by Revenue in the background. This work was carried out in the week ending 30 August. ROS Online CT1s in draft on 16 August are currently being fixed with this work to be completed today, 13 September.

Regarding draft CT1s prepared in ROS Offline, Revenue has advised the Institute that it will be updating content included in the ROS CT1 2021 Tax and Duty Manual (TDM) with instructions for a ‘technical’ fix for the issues being experienced. We expect this updated TDM to be issued today, 13 September.


Revenue has released an updated Form CT1 2021 TDM. It includes instructions on how to upload Forms CT1 prepared and held in draft on ROS offline at 16 August. It also clarifies that Revenue is fixing the issues with CT1s held in draft on ROS online at 16 August. So the filer has no action to take to resolve the issue.

Read Revenue’s eBrief and TDM update here.

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