Published by the Irish Tax Institute, the Irish Tax Review is Ireland’s leading journal on taxation issues

It is published quarterly and distributed to over 7,000 readers – Issue 1 2020 is now available on TaxFind.

Articles include:

  • Finance Act 2019: New Tax Measures Relevant to SME Sector
  • Finance Acts 2018 and 2019: The New EII Rules
  • Impact of Finance Act 2019 on Ireland’s Transfer Pricing Rules
  • Finance Act 2019: Key Changes to the R&D Tax Credit Regime
  • Anti-Hybrid Legislation: Finance Act 2019
  • Recent Updates in Section 481 Film Corporation Tax Credit Including SI 119 of 2019, Film Regulations 2019 and SI 358 of 2019, Film Regulations 2019
  • Recent Social Welfare Legislation Amending Taxes Consolidation Act 1997
  • Business Travellers to Ireland: Managing Risks for Employers in 2020 and Beyond
  • Recent Stamp Duty Updates, Including Finance Act 2019
  • VAT Recovery: Substantive Requirements vs Formal Conditions
  • VAT Rate for Supplements: Is There Certainty Now?
  • Ireland’s 2020 Economic Outlook
  • What Good Is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Anyway?
  • Institute Responds to Revenue and OECD Consultations


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