Published by the Irish Tax Institute, the Irish Tax Review is Ireland’s leading journal on taxation issues

It is published online and read by over 7,000 readers – Issue 3, 2022 is now available on a dedicated website and will shortly be published on TaxFind.

Articles Include:

  • Corporation Tax Return 2021: Focus on Disclosures
  • Grid Connections: A Capital Allowances Conundrum
  • Interest Limitation Rules: Interpretation and Guidance
  • Group Rationalisation Post-Acquisition: Part 1
  • Institute Responds to Consultation on Implementing Pillar Two Minimum Tax Rate
  • DEBRA: The Proposed Debt–Equity Bias Reduction Allowance
  • The Mobile US Private Client
  • The Analysis of Employees and Contractors in Ireland “Pizzas, Elephants and Uber”
  • The Legal Framework for Crypto-Assets
  • The Tax Framework for Crypto-Assets


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