Published by the Irish Tax Institute, the Irish Tax Review is Ireland’s leading journal on taxation issues

It is published online and read by over 7,000 readers – Issue 1, 2023 is now available on a dedicated website and will shortly be published on TaxFind.

Articles Include:

  • Employment Tax Matters: Finance Act 2022
  • Revenue’s Code of Practice for Compliance Interventions
  • Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme: Overview of Rules and Key Points for SMEs
  • Taxation Considerations on Transitioning to Emergency Accommodation
  • Finance Act 2022: Impact on Financial Services Sector
  • Finance Act 2022: Changes to Pensions & Pan-European Personal Pension Products
  • Finance Act Measures Updating R&D Tax Credit, KDB and Digital Games Tax Credit
  • Finance Act 2022: Residential Property Measures
  • Finance Act 2022: Disposal of Certain Patent Rights – Amendments to s757 TCA 1997
  • Share Remuneration: An Alternative Benefit for Employees
  • Recent Stamp Duty TAC Determinations: A Review
  • Residential Zoned Land Tax: Latest Updates and Operational Considerations


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