Tax is at the centre of all transactions – it drives how decisions are made, no matter how big or small.

There are endless possibilities with a career in tax as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).

1. Intellectually Rewarding

Tax is more than just number crunching!

If you’ve always thrived on knowledge and new ways of thinking, then the depth and breadth of tax means it’s a career that will constantly feed your intellectual appetite. You will be working on a range of interesting projects that will constantly engage your technical skills.

2. A Professional & Personal Challenge

Pushing you out of your comfort zone to strive for growth

A career in tax means you will always be challenged – every day will be a new learning experience. The tax landscape is always evolving. Clients’ needs are constantly changing. This means you must always keep one step ahead. Challenging work keeps you engaged and drives you forward.

3. Global Opportunities

See the World

So many of our graduates have had the opportunity, through their firms and employers, to work in exciting cities across the world. They are based in international cities including New York, London, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong. International secondments are a growing feature of a career in tax.

It’s an international career that allows you to see the world by working in a diverse range of industries, home and abroad.

4. Career Progression

Moving forward as your knowledge and skills grow

Standing still is not an option. As your knowledge and skills grow, you will have opportunities to progress in your career. Tax is a career that rewards your ambition. It allows you the opportunity to shine from the start. There are no barriers to how quickly you can get to the top if you have the drive and ambition.

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5. It's Diverse

Don't give yourself limitations, experience the differences

You want diversity in the type of work you do, and diversity in where you do that work.

A career in tax gives you unlimited scope in the type of work you do – from the type of taxes that you advise on, to the type of industry that you work in, to where in the world you want to work.

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