TALC Structure and Organisation

TALC plays a vital role in the administration of the taxation system in Ireland and the Institute has been a member of TALC since 1989. Since then, we have fully and actively engaged with Revenue on all important developments in tax administration including; the introduction of the self-assessment regime, the development of Revenue’s Online Services (ROS) and the codification of Revenue’s procedures for audits.

TALC consists of Main TALC and five standing sub-committees, which are:

  • TALC Audit
  • TALC Collections
  • TALC Direct/Capital Taxes
  • TALC Indirect Taxes
  • TALC BEPS Implementation

Each committee focuses on different aspects of the tax administration system. Committee members meet 4 or 5 times a year to discuss any issues arising and how they can be resolved.  TALC is solely focused on tax administration, it does not deal with the formation of legislation or tax policy.

Updates on matters under discussion at TALC are highlighted to members through our weekly TaxFax and regular bulletins to members.

Read the terms of reference of TALC.