Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)

The ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) is a highly respected international tax learning programme designed by world-leading experts. The ADIT qualification is conferred by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) in the UK and the 2024 Prospectus is available here. ADIT exams are held online.

Qualification structure & TP Certificate option

The ADIT qualification has a modular structure. To achieve the full qualification, you will study and pass three modules covering different aspects of international tax. The qualification has been designed to be as flexible as possible, so that you can find what you need in your studies to help you in your role.

Principles of International Taxation is a mandatory module for those completing the full ADIT qualification.

Participants can then choose 2 additional modules from the many jurisdictional and thematic topics. One of the thematic topics is Transfer Pricing, which can also be completed as a standalone TP certificate.

Key dates – Registration and Exams – TP Exam Thursday, 13 June 2024 and Thursday, 12 December 2024

If you wish to attain the standalone TP certificate the exam takes place online on Thursday, 13 June 2024 and Thursday, 12 December 2024. There are two sessions per year for ADIT exams. They take place in June and December . Some key dates for the June 2024 session are summarised below.

In order to sit the ADIT  exams, you must register as a student with ADIT here and separately submit an exam entry for the exam and session you wish to complete. Processing of student registration can take up to 10 business days and must be completed before exam entry.

These details are subject to change, for full and up to date information please check the CIOT website for further information (Exam timetable | ADIT international tax)

Final date to register as a new student:                              Friday, 1 March 2024

Deadline to enter:                                                                Friday, 15 March 2024

Final date for late entry (late fees apply):                          Friday, 29 March 2024

TP exam:                                                                               Thursday, 13 June 2024


Qualification Fees

There are fees associated with registering as a student and exam entry for ADIT. A summary of these is outlined below.

For full details please check the CIOT website

Student registration: GBP £242

Exam entry: GBP £222


Advanced Diploma in International Tax (ADIT)