Meet the Members Tour 2018

Over 600 members attended our annual Meet the Members Tour in nine locations around Ireland this month.

The Institute updated attendees on the latest developments on Revenue-related and tax policy matters, including the Tax Appeals Commission; PAYE Modernisation; the international tax policy agenda; and our ongoing engagement with the Department of Finance through submissions and consultations.

We received feedback and questions on a range of issues including; PAYE modernisation, ROS, Revenue’s use of data, and the impact of the condensed Finance Bill process on tax certainty for business.

Members feedback and insights on their day-to-day interactions with Revenue echoed the issues we are raising with Revenue at TALC, the Branch and in our bilateral meetings.

Meet The Members Tour 2018
L-R: The Institute’s Chief Executive Martin Lambe; Director of Tax Policy & Representations Anne Gunnell; President David Fennell; and Representations Manager Mary Healy.