Managing Wealth in 2020 and Beyond

Recorded Date: 9 June 2020

Speakers: Tony Gilhawley, Technical Guidance Ltd, Aileen Keogan,Aileen Keogan Solicitor & Tax Consultant and Kevin McConnell, Gem Strategic

In association with LIA and FPSB, in this year’s Managing Wealth event our expert speakers will take you through three of the most relevant pillars of managing wealth in the context of current challenges and opportunities.


Self-Administered Pension Arrangements, including:

  • The different types of non-insurance pension arrangements
  • How they differ from life company pension arrangements
  • Comparison of life company and self-administered pension arrangements:
    • Authorisation required to advise clients
    • Different conduct of business when advising clients
    • Client protection

Trusts in the Context of Vulnerable People, to include:

  • People with special needs
  • Improvident beneficiaries
  • Young children

Investing in Recessionary Times including:

  • Overview of the current macro-economic environment and trends
  • Asset valuations in the current environment and wealth preservation strategies
  • Are there investment opportunities to be had in the current environment?

The webinar is chaired by Paul Grimes, CEO, Financial Planning Standards Board and includes a Q&A session with each speaker.

Start date & time
9th June 2020 08:30

End date & time
9th June 2020 11:00

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Managing Wealth in 2020

1 x Managing Wealth in 2020