Digital Resilience When Remote Working

Recorded Date: 4 June 2020

Speaker: Chris Flack, UnPlug

Due to Covid 19 the world has gone through an accelerated Digital Transformation project for remote working, which has had many positive impacts such as flexible working, supported by virtual meetings and collaborating easily via shared platforms. However, the human impact of this rapid transformation has included challenges with focus and ability to switch off. This webinar covers specific current challenges such as online meeting fatigue and remote working blurring the work / life boundaries. The webinar will also:

  • Empower participants to create positive digital habits when remote working and so maximising performance in an always on world.
  • Help individuals to embrace technology with intention and develop habits which will result in more effective work and improving their ability to switch off after work.
  • Offer insights on shaping  positive and focused tech usage.
  • Leave participants with practical takeaways that can be implemented at work and at home, as well an opportunity to share challenges and good practice with their colleagues.



Start date & time
4th June 2020 11:00

End date & time
4th June 2020 11:45

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Tax and the Digital World Session 4

1 x Tax and the Digital World Session 4