Climate Change: Decarbonising the Economy and the Tax Impact
Tuesday 10 March 2020


Colm McCarthy, Economist and Columnist

Rodolfo Lacy, Director of Environment, OECD

Laura Heuston, Co-Founder, SustainabilityWorks

Muireann Lynch, Research Officer, ESRI

Mike Hayes, Global Head of Renewables, KPMG

Chaired by Shane Coleman, Presenter of Newstalk’s Breakfast programme.

The defining fact of our time is that the planet is warming, and our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Tackling this overwhelming global challenge is among the most difficult tasks facing the incoming government.

All policy levers, including tax, will have to be deployed to achieve our climate targets. As we decarbonise our economy, there will be many challenges for businesses. But there will also be opportunities.

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