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How to Represent Your Clients to Revenue - From Audit, to Review, to Appeal


Recorded: Thursday, 10 September 2015 – Dublin & Online
Venues: Online 
Online Price: €115
CPD: 3 Hours

Are you ready for all interactions with Revenue? Be in a position to deal with all queries and demands

Interacting with Revenue and representing your clients are key to being a Chartered Tax Adviser

Do you have the detail of the 2014 Code at your fingertips?

Are you clear on when things move from audit to investigation?

R&D – know what is being checked and what is being audited

Cash & construction – be up-to-date on Revenue activity in the regions and sectors

Be ready when the call or letter comes from Revenue and add real value for clients

Yield from audit and compliance intervention up 11.3%,
 Revenue’s Annual Report 2014

This seminar will be of particular interest to AITI Chartered Tax Advisers working in practice but may also be of interest to members working in the corporate sector

• The audit process
o Conducting an initial meeting
o Complying with the 2014 Revenue Audit Code of Practice
o Meaning of co-operation

• Self-review letters

• Revenue Complaints and Review Procedures CS4 – requesting an internal review 

• Using Revenue Technical Services (RTS)

• The new appeals process
o Function of the Appeal Commissioners
o Review of the Heads of Finance (Tax Appeals) Bill
o Changes to the appeals process
o Procedure on appeal
o Issues arising for taxpayers

Mark Barrett, Ronan Daly Jermyn
Frank Mitchell, Barrister
Jim Kelly, Grant Thornton

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