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Transfer Pricing


An increase in international trade and multinational corporations looking to expand in developing economies has lead to transfer pricing becoming a top item on everyone’s agenda.  Tax authorities are refining their transfer pricing rules and many countries such as Ireland have newly introduced transfer pricing legislation.  Tax professionals and multinational corporations need to adapt rapidly and monitor the legislation and rules for any future changes.

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Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)

Paper 3 - Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) - 3.03 Transfer Pricing

Today's international tax professional will have a varied background and the expectation that he or she will be increasingly mobile and will need an understanding of more than one taxation system.

The Diploma, developed and supervised by leading international tax practitioners and academics, meets the needs of international tax practitioners working in the corporate arena.

It is a challenging and rigorous qualification but will reward you, your career, and your employer.

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Our online course has been mapped against the ADIT syllabus and allows you the opportunity to hear expert speakers. This online course gives you the flexibility on how to manage and prepare for the exam at a time and place that suits you.

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Full details on the ADIT examinations are available on the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) website.

Transfer Pricing News

The OECD has issued some important documents in 2014:

To view previous transfer pricing documents issued by the OECD click here

The European Union's Transfer Pricing page can be accessed here

Some of the Transfer Pricing Resources available on the Revenue website include:

Transfer Pricing Content

Find out more about transfer pricing by reading the following articles from Ireland’s leading tax journal, the Irish Tax Review: 

    • Transfer Pricing Update: Recent Developments
    • Louise Kelly & Gerard Feeney, Deloitte
    • Transfer Pricing Legislation in Ireland – A New Reality?
    • Joan O’Connor & Gerard Feeney – Deloitte
    • Commissionaire Lessons Learned
    • Siobhan Lydon MBA,TMITI
    • Transfer Pricing Overview: An Introduction
    • Dan McSwiney, E&Y (Formally KPMG)

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