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Institute Submissions


The Institute regularly makes formal submissions on tax policy at national and EU levels.

Through focus groups, our Policy and Technical Committee, our ongoing engagement with Government Ministers and senior officials (particularly in the Department of Finance and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation) and specific research and submission work, we ensure that the ideas of, and the issues faced by AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) are captured.

Our national submissions are supported and enhanced by our formal work at EU level. Through our own submissions, and our contributions through our EU representative body, CFE, we regularly submit the views of AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) in Ireland to the relevant EU authorities.

The Irish Tax Institute (“the Institute”) is a centre for thought leadership and is a balanced and authoritative voice on tax policy matters. Access the Tax Policy Framework.

Responses to Consultations

TALC Representations & Clarification

Other Submissions

  • Institute response to OECD discussion draft on treaty residence of pension funds – April 2016
  • Institute response to European Commission survey on EU VAT web portal - March 2016 
  • Institute submission in response to consultation on transposition of 4AMLD – March 2016 
  • VAT Measures UK Budget 2016 - March 2016 
  • Response to European Commission consultation on VAT on cross-border e-commerce – December 2015
  • Institute letter to Revenue on Case I/II travel and subsistence manuals – 8 April 2015