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Contacting Irish Revenue


Contact numbers for Revenue Offices across the country are available on Revenue’s website www.revenue.ie. The website has a “contact locator” to assist taxpayers and agents determine the correct tax office to contact, just enter the taxpayer’s PPSN. 

We list below some frequently sought Revenue contact details:


  Collector General’s Office

  Email: cgcustserv@revenue.ie

Employer Service (P35 Helpline)

Email: rospayments@revenue.ie  

ROS Support

  ROS Technical Helpdesk

  Email: roshelp@revenue.ie

ROS Payments Support

Email: rospayments@revenue.ie

Customer Service Complaints

South West Region

Email: swregoffice@revenue.ie

Dublin Region

Email: jacintah@revenue.ie

  East South East

  Email: eseregionaloffice@revenue.ie   

Large Cases Division

Email: largecasesdiv@revenue.ie

  Border Midlands West

  Email:   bmwregion@revenue.ie

Collector General’s

Email:   cg@revenue.ie

Revenue Phoneline replacement numbers

Revenue Technical Service (RTS)

The RTS system was designed to deal with complex technical queries. Read the guidelines for RTS use here. If you are sending emails to Revenue's RTS you are required to use the "secure email" service.

Exceptional Contacts

list is provided for practitioners to enable them contact Revenue, if there is urgent need for contact and they are unable to do so via the normal channels. 

Contacting UK Tax Authorities

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs – contact details for individuals, business and employers are available

Contacting US Tax Authorities

Contact details for the US Internal Revenue Service are available

Contacting Canadian Tax Authorities

Canada Revenue Agency contact details are available