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Your Local Forum for Local Issues


The goal of the branch is to promote discussion between members and local Revenue on tax administration issues and resolve any local difficulties at a local level. The structure of the branch mirrors Revenue’s regional structure with a network in the South West, East South East, Border Midlands West and Dublin.  We also have a Large Cases Division branch.

This branch enables our members to meet and correspond with each other and with Revenue officials at a district and regional level on matters of importance to them in their work as AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA). It is a unique service for Institute members.  Members benefit not only from interaction with Revenue but also an opportunity to feed information and their experiences back into the network, thereby benefiting their fellow AITI Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA).

District Meetings and Discussion Groups

Institute branch representatives meet with senior personnel in Revenue at district level on a regular basis for “one to one meeting” on behalf of members in the local area. Prior to these meeting branch representatives host discussion groups.  These groups provide the opportunity for members in a local area to get together and discuss issues of concern.  Feedback can also be provided to branch representatives on issues for their district meetings with Revenue.  

See our regional webpages for upcoming meetings in your locality:

South West Region 
East South East Region
Border Midlands West Region
Dublin Region
Large Cases Division

Regional Meetings with Revenue

Typically once a year, branch representatives have the opportunity to meet with Revenue at a regional level. Difficulties in relation to tax administration can be discussed and resolved in these fora.  The meetings also provide an opportunity for members to hear from Revenue about their current and planned activities.

Details on upcoming meetings and developments from meetings are included in our weekly TaxFax newsletter,  and emailed to local members on our mailing lists. Our region specific webpages are also constantly updated with latest developments.

Join the Branch

We would encourage all members to get involved with the branch, by attending a local discussion group or providing feedback on current issues in your local area. If you are interested in learning more about the branch explore our webpages or contact Samantha Feely-Lenehan on sfeely@taxinstitute.ie.