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Border Midlands West Region


Welcome to the Border Midland West (BMW) branch.  My name is Eithne Friel, Chair of the Border Midlands West region branch network. I am a Chartered Tax Adviser with Friel Meehan & Associates Ltd based in Donegal and I have over 20 years’ experience advising Irish indigenous businesses and their owners  on a broad range of tax matters.  I have found the Revenue Branch of enormous help in keeping up to date with Revenue activity in the region.  Meetings with Revenue are always productive and key issues such as Revenue initiatives and interventions in the region, turnaround of refunds and staff changes are addressed in a frank and open manner.  Whether you want to be a fully fledged branch rep or provide your help and support through feedback on your experiences to your local branch rep or the Institute there is a role for you.

Here you will find details of current issues and recent and upcoming meetings in the region together with a list of local branch representatives in your area.

Current Regional Issues

An update on the recent regional meeting is available below. 

Summaries of Regional Meetings

Summaries of regional meeting in the BMW region are published in TaxFax and are available here:

25 April 2013 - Minutes of Meeting BMW Branch  

Meeting Calendar




To be advised

Discussion Group

Contact Samantha Feely-Lenehan for details of discussion groups in your area.

Contact Us

Feedback from members is invaluable in assisting our representations to Revenue and keeping members informed of developments. 

If you have matters you would like to provide feedback on you can contact us:

Samantha Feely-Lenehan
Senior Manager Member Services
Tel: 01 6631707
Email: sfeely@taxinstitute.ie

Mary Healy
Representations Manager
Tel: 01 6631743
Email: mhealy@taxinstitute.ie

Alternatively engage with your local branch representatives.