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Benefits of Branch Membership


Being part of the Institute's Revenue Branch provides many benefits including:

    • Being kept up-to-date on important Revenue developments at District and regional level.
    • Awareness of pressure points that may arise in Revenue service delivery in your region.
    • Increased profile for you and your employer.
    • A local structure for access to local senior Revenue personnel
    • An enhanced relationship with local Revenue 
    • Access to our branch membership network across the country
    • An opportunity to influence tax administration at local and national level.
    • Attendance at branch meetings counts towards CPD

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Join the Branch

We would encourage all members to get involved in some way with the branch, as a branch representative, by attending a local discussion group or providing feedback on current issues in your local area.  If you are interested in learning more about the branch, explore our webpages or contact Samantha Feely-Lenehan on