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Institute Finance Bill Submissions and Budget Submissions

General Revenue Representations & Clarification 

TALC Representations & Clarification

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Other Submissions 


    • Irish Taxation Institute says "in relation to taxation, Ireland has nothing to fear from the Lisbon Treaty (Press release)  22 September 2009
    • Irish Tax Institute notes that new tax measures proposed by Commission on Taxation should be offset by a reduction in Income Tax (Press release) 7 September 2009
    • Irish Tax Institute says Lisbon will not interfere with national tax policy (Press release) 31 July 2009  
    • Irish Taxation Institute and Small Firms Association call for an immediate cut in punitive interest rates on late tax payments (Press release) 6 May 2009
    • Irish Tax Institute says levy increases are causing widespread confusion and should not be retrospective (Press release) 24 April 2009
    • Irish Tax Institute welcomes Revenue's Tax payments support for business but says approach must be clear and transparent (Press release) 23 April 2009
    • Irish Tax Institute calls for a reduction in punitive interest rates on late tax repayments (Press release) 13 March 2009 
    • Music by Numbers, a profile of Frances Brennan, AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) to the music world (Irish Independent) 6 November 2008 
    • ITI addresses Oireachtas Sub-Committee on Ireland's Future in the European Union. Click here to see the opening statement and the transcript of the committee session in our news section  4 November 2008
    • ITI proposes 30 reforms for consideration by the Commission on Taxation (Press release)  1 September 2008
    • ITI publishes results of survey of car owners on new VRT/Motor tax changes (Press release)  21 April 2008


Key Institute Correspondence with Revenue on 2010 Code