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Revenue pursuing three corporate tax bills in excess of €100m 10/12/2018 Irish Times
Michael Gove: Brexit vote in Commons ‘is going ahead’ 10/12/2018 Financial Times
Theresa May faces crucial 48 hours as MPs threaten to defeat her Brexit plan 10/12/2018 Irish Times
EU’s top court rules UK can unilaterally end Brexit 10/12/2018 Financial Times
May’s Brexit deal ‘worse for trade than status quo’ 09/12/2018 Financial Times
The EU could, and should, help Theresa May’s deal pass 09/12/2018 Financial Times
Cliff Taylor: The outlook for 2019 brings uncertainty to a new level 08/12/2018 Irish Times
Time for Dublin to consider a tactical retreat on Brexit 06/12/2018 Irish Times
Theresa May dismisses talk of delay to Brexit vote 06/12/2018 Financial Times
How the EU could renegotiate the Brexit deal 06/12/2018 Financial Times
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