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Why Tax?


Be at the centre of decision-making in Ireland and internationally.

Tax is a dynamic and fast-paced career at the centre of the corporate world and involves working with clients and other professionals to find the best tax solutions to deal with complex commercial and real life circumstances.

The Role of a Tax Adviser

 The role of a tax adviser is exciting, dynamic and ever changing. It involves:
  • Analysis and interpretation of the law
  • Application of the law to the situation of the person or business you are advising
  • Excellent communication skills and business acumen 
  • Logic and problem solving
Sinead Lew, Senior Tax Manager, PwC
“I thought the job would solely be to compute an individual’s / company’s tax liability and all about numbers but it extends to so much more beyond that!  You are not just solely a tax adviser - you are a general business adviser helping them to make key business/commercial decisions".
  Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) work in many environments: 
    • Throughout the corporate world in multinationals and major companies
    • Accountancy firms
    • Legal firms
    • Tax consultancy practices
    • Financial services sector
    • Government and public sector (Revenue, policy bodies)

    Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) could find themselves in a senior position within a major multinational in Ireland, overseas in a professional services firm, advising owners of an Irish-owned family business, or in a firm advising private individuals and investors on key decisions. 

Variety of Roles

Professional Services Firms 

Joe Conboy, Tax Director, PwC

BA (Accounting & Finance), M.Sc in Accounting 

"I think the fact that each day is generally quite different is what appeals to me most.

I have a fairly large client base so they all tend to ask slightly different questions when looking at things. I also like the global nature of my particular job – speaking to and working with people all around the world!” 
Law Firms   

Caroline Austin, Senior Associate Solicitor, Matheson

Bachelor of Laws, Solicitor

“A common misconception about a career in tax is that it is just about numbers.  However, tax law has a strong basis in legislation and case law.  As tax law is always evolving, I am always learning and I am fortunate to be part of a team that encourages me to keep progressing, to be the best I can be.” 

Lorcan Kelly, Tax Consultant, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

Bachelor of Commerce (with French), Master of Accounting

"I am responsible for looking after the corporate tax and VAT obligations of the company, as well as its domestic and international tax strategy.   It’s so encouraging to see the value that I can add to my workplace as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).  The tax advice I give is critical in so many business decisions and I really enjoy being part of that".