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Logo and Branding Guidelines


A new look for the Irish Tax Institute
The Irish Tax Institute recently undertook a re-brand which consisted of an in-depth audit of all brand materials. A new look and feel was developed for the Institute using modern brand fonts, colour palettes and photography, showcasing a distinctive look and consistent feel.

New logo developed for Chartered Tax Advisers and Firms
As part of the re-brand, a new logo was developed for use by our members and member firms. We would encourage members to use the new Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) logo.

Who can use the dedicated Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) logo?
Individuals who have obtained the CTA qualification, maintained their membership fully up to date with the Institute and fully comply with the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct (including CPD requirements).

The Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) logo can be used by a professional services firm where, if the firm is a partnership, the majority of the principals of the firm who primarily provide tax advice are qualifying individuals as discussed above or, where the firm is a limited company, qualifying individuals manage or control 51% or more of the company.

In situations where the professional services firm or the limited company do not meet the required criteria, individual members within that firm or company may still use the term Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) to differentiate themselves provided that they meet the individual criteria above.

Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Brand Guidelines
To access our Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Brand Guidelines please click here.

These guidelines include sample illustrations of the new Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) logo on stationery.

Should you have any further queries regarding use of the brand guidelines, please contact Claire Keane at ckeane@taxinstitute.ie or +353 1 6631700.

Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Logo

    Download Illustrator Files here
Suitable for professional stationery and printing.  
Should be used by your graphic designer or printer.

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Download Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Brand Guidelines here

Further Details
To have your firm listed on our website, please contact Samantha Feely-Lenehan. Email sfeely@taxinstitute.ie or telephone +353 1 6631707.