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About the CTA Network


Our new CTA Network will allow members to develop strong relationships with other CTAs in their area and to enhance their professional profile and the CTA brand.

Most of all, it will provide a network where ideas and issues that interest CTAs can be shared and where new relationships and contacts can be created.

CTA Recognised Globally
CTAs are recognised in Ireland and globally for their expertise and knowledge and the CTA brand is the international gold standard in tax, with its own new and distinct international logo.

Network Events
Events in each CTA Network will include an Annual CTA Network Meeting and ‘Guest Speaker’ breakfasts and lunches in association with other professional and business organisations.

The Institute is also launching new CTA LinkedIn discussion groups for each of the CTA Networks where members can keep in touch with each other on an ongoing basis.

CTA Network Chairs 
We are very grateful to the CTAs who have taken up the position of Chair in their respective CTA Networks and who are featured in the CTA Network Brochure.  

Their leadership and commitment at the early stages is very much valued by all involved in creating this new initiative and we encourage you to whole-heartedly support them. 

We look forward to meeting and engaging with you as we visit networks across Ireland and we hope that the launch of the new CTA Network will be one of many successful initiatives for CTAs at home and internationally.