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The Seven Main Taxes


The seven main taxes in Ireland are as follows:              

Income Tax, PRSI and Levies    

All working people pay income tax. Those who are self-employed
pay income tax under the self-assessment system. Employees pay
income tax through the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system.
PRSI stands for pay-related social insurance and is the system
by which individuals contribute to social insurance.

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Corporation Tax 

This is the tax paid on profits by companies.

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Capital Gains Tax 

CGT is the tax paid by people when they sell a
capital asset, e.g. a business or a rental property.

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Capital Acquisitions Tax 

CAT is the tax paid by people who receive wealth
in the form of gifts or inheritances.

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Stamp Duty 

This is a duty paid in relation to the “stamping”
of certain legal documents, e.g. contracts of sale.

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Value-Added Tax

VAT is the tax levied on the value added to
goods and services.

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Customs & Excise

Customs is levied on goods imported from non-EU
Member States, and excise is a duty levied on certain goods.

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